St Helena Veterinary Centre Corner St Helena Rd & Maxine Dr, Greensborough - (03) 9435 1004
EMERGENCY CALL 24/7 (03) 9467 2255 EMERGENCY CALL 24/7 (03) 9467 2255

St Helena Veterinary Centre

St Helena Veterinary Centre is part of the Bundoora Veterinary Group.

The Bundoora Veterinary Group consists of the following :

  • Bundoora Veterinary Clinic & Hospital
  • Northern Suburbs Animal Emergency Centre
  • Mill Park Veterinary Clinic
  • St Helena Veterinary Centre
Surgical Procedures
Surgical Procedures

An appointment is required for elective surgical procedures and these are only performed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Animals are admitted on the day of the procedure between 9am & 10am and should be fasted from midnight but water may be given up to the admission time.

Elective procedures such as spays, castrations and dental procedures are usually day procedures and patients are normally able to be discharged between 4-7pm, but please phone the clinic first to ensure your pet is sufficiently recovered for discharge.


Many drugs and prescription diets have legal restrictions on their use and can only be prescribed by a veterinarian. If your animal is in need of a repeat prescription, please telephone us so that the prescription can be authorised and made available for collection. For animals on long term medication a periodic examination is necessary.


Each animal has its own computer generated medical records. This ensures all veterinarians and nurses have full details of your animal’s illness and a complete record of all treatments received.

Restraint of your Pet
Restraint of your Pet
Please ensure that your dog is properly restrained when
you come to the clinic; and cats and other pets are
contained in a suitable secure and safe box, cage, bask
et or pillow case.
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