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Yes, although by law we cannot recommend a specific policy.

There are many benefits to be gained from pet ownership: pets are a part of the family with an enormous impact on our health and wellbeing both physical and mental. Of course these benefits come at a cost. Some of these costs such as for food, regular de-worming and vaccinations are predictable and can be budgeted for. Illnesses and injuries are difficult to budget for and can be very expensive. Just the peace of mind of knowing you will be able to choose treatments based on medical rather than financial reasons is often worth the cost of insurance.

There are more than 20 pet insurance providers offering more than 80 policies in Australia and these figures exclude pet cover offered as an addition to another policy for example home and contents insurance. So it is wise to do some research and shop around.

No, all veterinary fees must be settled in full at the time treatment is given or before a patient is discharged from our hospital. We believe that our fees are fair and reasonable and reflect the level of care and service provided.

It is not always possible to determine the exact cost of your animal’s treatment when it is first examined, but an initial written estimate will be provided upon admission. If you anticipate a problem paying the fees, please tell us at the outset. If necessary we can tailor the costs to suit an owner’s budget. We are happy to provide a daily update on your fees if requested. A deposit will be required for all animals that are hospitalised.

All accounts must be settled prior to discharge. We accept cash, Mastercard, Visa and EFTPOS cards. Cheques will only be accepted provided we have acceptable identification. We also work with a veterinary treatment finance company called Vetpay who can offer flexible payment options to eligible owners.

During daytime opening hours at our Bundoora clinic no appointment is required for a consultation unless you wish to see a particular veterinarian. We aim to examine animals without prolonged waiting although we do have busy times and urgent cases are always given priority.

Consultation appointments are required at our Mill Park and St Helena locations and are often available at short notice.

Appointments are required for all elective surgical procedures at all out clinics, for example desexing surgeries.

The Northern Suburbs Animal Emergency Centre is available at Bundoora after hours, if practicable it is preferable to phone ahead so we can be prepared for your arrival. Patients are triaged and emergency patients are given priority.

Yes, we are staffed 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Hospitalised patients are monitored by on duty staff as required. We have all the equipment required to monitor and manage critically unwell patients including on site pathology, radiology and ventilators.

No, you will need to plan ahead and collect supplies during normal business hours. Extra planning may be required over the Christmas/New Year and Easter breaks. In special cases small quantities of vital medications may be able to be supplied for patients we see regularly. If you normally have medication supplied by your local veterinary clinic you will need to contact them to arrange supplies or present your animal for examination before we can supply any medications.

Yes, if you have a usual veterinarian and give us their details and your permission we will email or fax them copies of treatment given at our clinics. You may need to re-confirm this permission and the details of your usual veterinarian from time to time. Of course you can also ask us to send treatment details to a veterinarian of your choosing at any time after the treatment has been given.

Your veterinarian will require your permission before disclosing any information about your pet to us. It is generally best if you contact your veterinarian and ask them to email or fax the information to us.

No. We have all the equipment and facilities to examine and treat your pet at our clinics and are not set up to transport these to you. However there are veterinarians who are able to offer less involved examinations and treatments in your home, call us for contacts if you have trouble finding them yourself. For more involved examination and treatment and for all cases requiring in hospital treatment patients will need to be transported to us. If you are unable to arrange transport to us there are services that are able to offer you assistance. Call us for their details.

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